Translation / Interpretation Service

Need Japanese translation/Interpretation? This is an introduction of my translation service between English and Japanese.
Acquired BE at Senshu University and University of Illinois and MA at New York University with firm publishing experience, Shinya Watanabe offers you translation / interpretation service with native speaker’s natural Japanese. Please feel free to get a quote.

*Due to the upcoming publication, currently I am not accepting any translation/interpretation job. I am sorry for the inconvenience. 

Price List of Translation Service

The price is calculated by the number of original Japanese or English words. Depends on the specialty and difficulty, the price may change.

Translating Language
Between English and Japanese
Price Rate (Without Tax) Original One word / one Japanese word Price Example of one page (without tax)
English to Japanese $0.12 – $0.24 Original 200 English words / $24-
Japanese to English $0.09 – $0.18 Original Japanese 200 words / $18-
Proofreading of Japanese (Business Letter or Thesis) $0.1 – $0.17 Original Japanese 200 words / $14-
  • These prices do not contain rush fee. If you prefer rush job, rush fee will be applied.
  • The minimum price of this order starts from $100-.
  • For the precise quote, the translator needs to check the content of the article, specialty and time period. To have a precise quote, please send the original article to

Price List of Interpretation Service

Between Japanese and English, both ways, the price of one day translation is for 8 hours stay, 7 hours actual working hours. The location is limited in Berlin, Germany, and if you need help in New York, an experienced interpreter will be introduced,

Interpretation Level One day Price (Without Tax) Usage
Bilingual Staff $250 – $300 Simple translations for communication, not for commercial purpose
General Attendance $300 – $500 Working as a staff at International Fair or spot interpretation at fair booth
Sightseeing Interpretation $400 – $500 For less than 4 hours, the price start from $300-
Consecutive Interpretation $450 – $600 For less than 4 hours, the price start from $300-
For workshop, school lecture, inspection of companies, attendance, genera commercial translation
  • Working in early morning and evening time may cost extra.
  • Overtime will be charged by hourly rate.
  • For consecutive Interpretation, there is a limit of hours, in case of doing this by one person.
  • Extra for preparation and staff meeting: Due to the specialty of the topic, the interpreter will charge extra for the meeting time and preparation. This preparation is necessary to complete the professional duty. Even the best interpreter cannot complete a professional work without preparation. About the document which is related to the business, please send it to me beforehand.
  • Outside of Berlin, the translator will charge the traveling fee.
  • Cost of Cancellation: There is a cancellation charge if you do cancellation:
    5 days before the day of Interpretation: 15% of total fee
    4 day before: 25% Three days before: 50% Two days before: 75% One day before: 100%


  • Simultaneous translation of an artist Vik Muniz’s English lecture into Japanese
  • Business meeting with Japanese art trading company with NY Ballet Company
  • Consecutive translation of an art historian RoseLee Goldberg’s lecture at Waseda University, Tama Art University, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music and Mori Museum
  • Consecutive translation of Japanese jewelers
  • Numerous consecutive translation experiences of Japanese artists and art dealers staying in New York
  • Consecutive translation at UN related organization “World Federation Movement”
  • English translation of the exhibition catalogue “Power of the Sculpture – Rusuo Saeki, Seiji Saito, Akio Shinozaki: Three Sculptors born in Utsunomiya.” Utsunomiya Museum of Art
  • Japanese translation of Rina Banerjee’s solo exhibition catalog “What am I made of and how do you know my name?”, Ota Fine Arts
  • Translation of the English catalogue of The 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa
  • English translation of the catalogue text for Hiroshima City Contemporary Art Museum
  • Translation of the interview of Marina Abramovic for the Magazine “Butai Geijyutu(Theatrical Arts) by Kyoto University of Fine Arts and Music

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