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Panel Discussion “Is the Peace Constitution Outdated? Japan Considers Rearmament”

This is the whole transcript of the symposium held at Asia Society in New York on April 25, 2007 (Japanese Only)

Beate Sirota Gordon (Member of the Draft Committee of the Japanese Constitution, Former Director of Performing Art, Film, and Lectures of the Asia Society)
John Junkerman (Documentary Filmmaker, Director of ‘Japan’s Peace Constitution’)
Kunio Suzuki (Political Critic, Founder of a Nationalist Group ‘Issuikai First Wednesday Group’)
Frances Rosenbluth (Professor of Political Science at Yale University, Specialist of Japanese Economics)
Moderator: Carol Gluck (George Sansom Professor of Japanese History, Columbia University)
Text Edit: Carol Gluck
Translation: Shinya Watanabe
Translation Support: Kaori Uchisaka

The A0 size exhibition leaflet catalogue of “Into the Atomic Sunshine – Post-War Art under Japanese Peace Constitution Article 9″ which includes this symposium is downloadable from the link below (Japanese Only) (Japanese Only)

An English article which was published in the exhibition catalogue (English version) is downloadable from the link below.
In NY think about Article 9 for Atomic Sunshine catalogue (English Only)

Related Articles of the Interview with Beate Sirota Gordon

The following is an article on the interview with Beate Sirota Gordon, written by Takeshi Ito, the chief editor of GENERATION TIMES.

「”憲法”とは何かを考えた一日 ベアテ・シロタ・ゴードンとの出会い。」by 伊藤剛 (Japanese PDF Version)
“A Day Spent Contemplating the Constitution – Meeting Beate Sirota Gordon” – by Takeshi Ito (English PDF Version)
* This article is an excerpt from the exhibition catalog “Into the Atomic Sunshine –Post-War Art under Japanese Peace Constitution Article 9″

Through the interview with Beate and intensive research, Mr. Ito thought about the history of the birth of the Japanese constitution.

『GENERATION TIMES』 vol.10 “The Constitution of Japan” PDF Version
Published on March 2008 / Article: Takeshi Ito / Design : Tadahide Naoi (Naoi Design Room) / Research Location: USA and Japan