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Action Painting Street Battle! Ushio Shinohara vs. Ryoga Katsuma

Curated by Ethan Cohen and Shinya Watanabe

Round 1. Ushio Shinohara Boxing Painting


Watch this Action Painting Battle Video by Bill Ravinovitch at Youtube


Round 2. Ryoga Katsuma with Hari Ganglberger(drums) Action Painting

Ryoga with Judges

(from left)

Melissa Chiu (Asia Society Director), Reiko Tomii, PhD (Independent Scholar, PoNJA Gen-Kon owner), Juan Puntes (White Box Founding Director)

Battle Result:

Ushio Shinohara won the battle, but both artists are champions!

Thanks to Fumie Ishii (Photos), Arvin Fang, all judges, ECFA Staff and all supporting members and audiences!