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"Into the Atomic Sunshine - Post-War Art under Japanese Peace Constitution Article 9"


A4 Size, 68 Pages, All in English, Full Color (Printed in Japan)
Design: Yukihiko Aizawa (Aizawa Office)


"The Breakaway from the Century of War@-@Article 9 as the Overcoming of European Modernism"
by Shinya Watanabe

"Your Fears, My Hopes" on Vanessa Albury
by Jan Van Woensel (independent curator, Senior Studio Professor at New York University)

"Matsuzawa Yutakafs Vanishing Act"
by Reiko Tomii (Art historian and curator specializes post-1945 Japanese art)

"Yukio Mishima is Still Alive" on Yasumasa Morimura"
by Kunio Suzuki (Political critic, founder of the neo-right wing organization Issuikai (First Wednesday Group)

"A Day Spent Contemplating the Constitution ? Meeting Beate Sirota Gordon"
by Takeshi Ito (Journalist, Founder of GENERATION TIMES)

"The Emperorfs New Clothes in Old Photos: Oura Nobuyukifs Holding Perspective and the Culture and Politics of 1980s Japan"
by Kenji Kajiya (Associate Professor at Hiroshima City University)

"Interpretations at War and Peace: Article 9, Okinawa, Japan" on Yuken Teruya
by Kazuma Maetakenishi (Ph.D. candidate in Anthropology at Columbia University, research fellow in Waseda University)

"Citizens, Sovereigns, and Mirrors: Article 9 in the Postwar Era"
by Matthew Black (Ph.D. student in Anthropology at Columbia University focusing on the issues of Japanese post-war period)

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